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Development of aluminum extrusion starting in 1960 caught a fast pace with the 1990s. Numerous facility investments in the recent years turned Turkey into a hub in aluminum profile. The fact that the production is mainly export based brought along the demand for quality and thus development.

The main element for achieving quality in profiles is the die. Die technology in our country was always one step ahead of extrusion sector. This happened thanks to companies in the extrusion die sector such as ALMEKS.

Thanks to its ability in creating innovative solutions, Almeks became one of the leading companies. The main supporting factor to this success is qualified staff. ALMEKS is confident of is future thanks to its well equipped and experienced staff.

Our perfectionist approach forces us to invest continuously in our production technologies. Almeks always prioritizes its human potential in investments. It does not avoid any costs to enable its staff to obtain required know-how and experience.

The capacity of our customers to produce fast, high quality and low cost products depends on the high quality of our dies. Success of Almeks equals to the success of our customers.

We want you to trust in our meticulous efforts from selection of steel to the heat treatment, since our aim is continuous association with our customers. The secret to our success is knowledge we gained over years and our high quality, customer focused and quick production. Almeks always keeps his promises.

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